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Let's celebrate Earth Day everyday! Enjoy this Jen Hughes original illustration as a FREE DOWNLOAD. When you color or paint it, allow your mind to reflect on how we can celebrate + work towards protecting our planet each day.

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clever art for crafty kids 
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Hi there! I'm Jen: modern artist and color-enthusiast. My passion is transforming this world into beauty and goodness, through art and a giving-hand. My hope is that my art brings a smile to your heart each time you look at it. 


As a child, I grew up in a few different cites, but officially became a "Texan" at the age of ten, where I now enjoy living in San Antonio. My intermediate years were inspired by my artist grandmother, who taught me how to draw and let me explore all types of media. With a minor degree in graphic design, I am largely self-taught and consider myself a student of life. Always learning. Always changing. Just like my artwork. 

With young children of my own now, it has been such a joy to explore the world through their eyes. We love taking nature walks and gathering unique finds to create art back at home together. They have been my inspiration in both teaching art classes + the creation of my art kits for kids: The Crafty Fox Art Box! I feel blessed to be able to share my love of art with children and hope to equip parents with the ability to engage in art with their kids, too. This has been such a fun endeavor + blessing for our family!