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Art Boxes for Kids

introducing the

'Craft Your Own Masterpiece' Box!

The Crafty Fox Art Box has teamed up with CREA Curriculum + Consulting to create the ‘Craft Your Own Masterpiece’ Art Box! This box is all about exploring your own creative interests. We want to support you in making projects you care about, so we’ve filled this box with materials and activities that will help you come up with innovative project ideas.

Download additional
brainstorming + narrowing activity sheets to keep
the creativity flowing!


in the

Quality Art Materials!

Acrylic Paint Set, Construction Paper, Pipe Cleaners, Glue Stick, Mini Sketchbook, Model Magic Clay, Paper Straws, Colored Pencils, Permanent Marker, Popsicle Sticks, 5×7 Canvas, Pencil, The ‘Craft Your Own Masterpiece’ Card Deck,
The Brainstorming Activity Sheet,
The Narrowing Activity Sheet.

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'Craft Your Own Masterpiece' Card Deck

This deck is designed to help you come up with out-of-the-box project ideas. The card deck consists of three categories: Art Form, Medium, & Tone. Follow the directions provided in the deck to get started!

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Activity Sheet

While you play with the ‘Craft Your Own Masterpiece’ card deck, use the Brainstorming Activity Sheet to capture all your fun, inspiring, and wacky project ideas

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Narrowing Activity Sheet

Use the questions on this activity sheet to select the project that most inspires you! These questions help you go from many project ideas to the project idea that is the best fit for you!

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