Custom-Name, Hand-Painted, Art-Box for Kids!

Custom-Name, Hand-Painted, Art-Box for Kids!

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Make your creative kids feel special with this personalized art-bin! I'll add their name and doodles (you tell me what they love) and fill it with quality art-suppiles. 

Supplies include: 

~ Water-color Kit w/2 Brushes

~ Crayola Acrylic Washable Paint

~ 6x9 Sketchbook + Drawing Ideas

~ 5x7 Canvas Board

~ Art Colored-Pencils

~ Washi-tape, pipe-cleaners, paper-straws + craft-sticks

~ Crazy-craft Scissors + glue

~ Model Magic



1: Full Art-Kit WITH supplies + name,

2. Full Art-Kit WITH supplies, but NO name

3. Empty art-kit, but personalized WITH name


Each ArtBin box (made in the USA!) is hand-painted by me, with art-markers and sealed on top to help prevent scratching. Shipped in bubble-mailer through USPS Priroity Mail. 


Happy to asnwer any questions! 


  • Care Instructions

    USA-made art bin is made with sturdy plastic, 2 top-locks and a handle. It's durable and kid-proof. When name is drawn/painted on, it will be sealed with ModPodge to protect the paint from scratching; HOWEVER, it's definitely still scratchable. Made for kids 5+ who won't immediatly scratch their name off. If box gets dirty, gently wipe with wet/clean cloth. Store on shelf with nothing on top, to prevent scratching.