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Art Projects

My love for beauty + art finds its way into different projects throughout each year: murals, art installations, school gardens, a helping hand... Check back in to see what I have been up to and how you can get involved! 

Holding space for GRIEF + JOY

I am collecting moments from our lives, sharing the GOOD + BAD that we navigate on a daily basis. Life is both beautiful and terrible at times. It's okay to sit in both. In sharing our BOTH, may we find more empathy in what others are going through.


Please fill this quick survey and let me know about a moment in your life (now or past) that was incredible/joyful and a moment that was devastating/difficult.  (Your answers will be anonymous!)



I am SUPER excited to announce I will be painting a colorful art wall at The Impact Guild in SATX and it's community supported! To raise funds, you can purchase the GOODNESS art poster and ALL proceeds will go directly to the cost of the mural. aaaaaand.... you can help paint with me, too! Stay tuned for more details. 


AirBnb Art Mural

Loved the opportunity to paint a fun welcome mural for an Austin AirBnb!

hey yall art mural.jpg
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